About Us

Realizing Excellent Investment Opportunities since 2006

Panama Portfolio in short


Panama Portfolio Sustainable Project Development and Asset Management were established in 2006 with the aim of achieving above-average investment returns in the emerging property and real estate market of Panama. Panama was selected because of its unique geographical location and exceptional economic growth of 6% per year, the highest GDP growth in Latin and Central America.

40 mln $ investment Portfolio


A group of highly motivated and skilled professionals manages an investment portfolio valued at approximately 40 mln $ for a select group of 30 investors, family offices, and high net worth individuals. Some investors are among the richest individuals in The Netherlands. The HQ is based in Panama City, Republic of Panama.

Track Record since 2006


Panama Portfolio has a consistent 14 year track record with yearly average investment returns over 10%. Our skills to buy undervalued land, realize projects, and develop real estate in the emerging market Panama is unique because our professional team has been operational in Panama since 2006. The value-adding concept of Panama Portfolio is easy to explain: increase the value of land valued at 10-20 $ per m2 at top locations to 90-110 $ per m2 in 3 to 5 years.

Less risk because the investor owns the land


The investor owns land at top locations at attractive valuations. Panama Portfolio increases the value of your land by obtaining residential zoning permits and all other permits necessary for construction. Secondly, we will realize infrastructure: asphalt roads, electricity and water. As a result the investor owns valuable building lots at top locations valued at 90-110 $/m2. Panama Portfolio will market your building lots worldwide or develop your building lots into valuable real estate.