Unlimited Mobile Internet during my stay in Panama.

If you are arriving to a new country, this case Panama, for the first time we understand everything might be a bit overwhelming. Questions such as ‘How to commute through the city?’ and ‘Where to stay?’ you prefer to get answered prior to your trip. We created a series of “Getting Started” articles that include short reads with tips and tricks to get you going during your first trip to Panama.

In this article, we provide you the easiest way to get unlimited internet in Panama without a contract. Unlimited internet is extremely helpful in Panama to commute through the city by Uber, translate words from English to Spanish and to stay connected with your contacts.

We tried different internet providers throughout Panama. Our recommendation is based on easiness and price. We found that Claro offers the best solution to get you started. They provide unlimited internet for 10$ per two weeks, which comes down to 20$ a month without a contract. The setup costs are 5$, which includes a SIM card with your Panamanian cellphone number.

In every big supermarket such as Super99, El Rey and stores such as Novey you can easily top-up the balance of your prepaid sim card at the counter or at the payment point. In case you use a payment point, you click “Claro” on the screen, provide your phone number and then insert cash bills to the machine. Your saldo will be added directly. Once you have enough saldo you send a text message containing “L14” to 464, which will activate your two-week unlimited internet package.

What are your biggest questions or concerns about Panama that are yet unanswered? Don’t hesitate to write us a message!

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