12 Fun Things to Do at the beach of Piedras Gordas

The number of activities you can do on the beach is endless. However, below you can find a shortlist of things we would do at the beach of Lotes de Piedras Gordas.

Play Frisbee
Frisbee is a classic beach game that people never get tired of enjoying together. You can even play with your dogs since Lotes de Piedras Gordas is pet-friendly!

Have a Picnic
Have a nice picnic at the beach with the wonderful water as the backdrop. Playa La Ermita (Closest beach to Lotes de Piedras Gordas) doesn’t have any regulations regarding food and drinks on the beach.

Have a Bonfire
A bonfire is a great way to enjoy the beach at night, make sure to bring some flashlights. Besides, you can drive your car up the beach at Piedras Gordas, so no hassle with the food and drinks!

Meet People
Even tho the beach of La Ermita isn’t touristic and doesn’t have a lot of visitors during the week, Piedras Gordas has a great social community that either live, or spend the weekends, in the area. Get to know the locals!

Take Photographs
La Ermita beach is a great place to take stunning photos. Have the ocean as your backdrop, while enjoying the enormous amount of natural sunlight.

Watch the Sunrise/Sunset
For the 5 AM club, the beach offers an amazing view of the sunrise. It’s such a breathtaking sight to see the sun rising up from the ocean. Not an early bird? Sunset is around 6.30 PM.

Just sit there and relax on the beach while enjoying the ocean views and fresh air. You don’t have to do anything, just relax.

The beach is a wonderful place to meditate because it offers direct contact with the sand while enjoying the sound of ocean waves.

Build a Sandcastle
Child or adult, building a sandcastle is a great way to spend your time on the beach!

Read a Book
Catch up on your reading. The beach makes the ideal location to dive into a good book.

Listen to Music
The beach offers a great spot to listen to some Spotify playlists while daydreaming away.

Jog Along the Beach
The sand is great for exercising your feet and legs, while the sound of the surf and the smell of the saltwater will clear your mind.

Aside from the over 6 nearby beaches, the Piedras Gordas area has so much more to offer. Curious about all the activities in and around our project? Make sure to check out the interactive map of Lotes de Piedras Gordas by clicking here.

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