Continuous Improvements at Lago Gatun Fincas

Lago Gatun Fincas is located in the beautiful area of Gatun Lake. We have continuously been working over the past months to enhance the area of Lago Gatun Fincas while conserving the beautiful nature Lago Gatun has to offer.

After driving 8KM of the main road of ‘Alto del Espino’, of which 3.4KM unpaved terrain, you will arrive at the entrance of Lago Gatun Fincas. The complete area of Lago Gatun Fincas is gated. The two principal entry points are the modern gate at the H lots, and the boat dock close to the C lots.

The new viewpoints can be found in lot C4 and F6, where you can enjoy the panoramic view, the surrounding hills and the beautiful nature Gatun Lake has to offer. These viewpoints are included in the C4 and F6 lot, and will be owned by the buyer.

Nature is fundamental at Lago Gatun Fincas and so Lago Gatun. With this in mind, we respect the nature and the species living in it. Most of the works on the Lago Gatun Fincas terrain are carried out by the caretaker. This caretaker is not living on one of the properties (fincas), but he will be on standby 24/7 and at the disposal of the owners of the fincas. He performs basic duties such as maintenance on the properties, maintenance of the fences, maintenance of the electric fence, and maintenance of the common areas.

The 24/7 caretaker of the property will be paid by the seller of the fincas at Lago Gatun Fincas until 2024. After that, the individual owners of the properties will have to organize maintenance themselves, either individually or by organizing maintenance within an owners association, to be organized by the owners themselves.

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