Living in Lago Gatun Fincas: Reconnect with Nature

Numerous interesting landmarks can be found in Panama. One of the most impressive landmarks is Lago Gatun, an artificial lake, created during the construction of the Panama Canal.

Nowadays, Lago Gatun possesses one of the most remarkable rural areas in Panama. Life in Lago Gatun involves using unpaved roads, living with only a few neighbors, in the midst of nature, surrounded by the diversity of animals Panama has to offer.

With only a few people living in Lago Gatun, the beautiful nature is being preserved, which gives the local character of Lago Gatun.

Lago Gatun Fincas is where you can experience the best that the Gatun Lake area has to offer. Some of the best scenery, outstanding fishing spots, a wide variety of animals, impeccable lake views, amazing landscapes and hiking routes, local food, and nearby a small village, which will provide you with your daily necessaries. The nature of Lago Gatun Fincas keeps making an unforgettable impression to locals and foreigners.

Go fish on the lake, mountain bike through the hills, and explore nature by horse. Admire the peaceful lake views straight from your Finca.

As life is meant to live, to see and experience, to create memories that will stay with you. Living in a rural area is a great way to experience the true nature and charm of a country. There is something unforgettable and mystical about being in a place that preserves nature in such a way as Lago Gatun does. You’ll discover that every day has its own stories to tell.

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Taste the local flavor at nearby restaurants (accessible by boat), and you will find amazing fresh fish that you can’t find in your ordinary supermarket. Use your Finca to grow your fruits and vegetables, and for additional necessaries visit the “Chino”.

Stay at your Finca during the weekends to escape the hectic city life. Lago Gatun Fincas is one of the best and easiest escapes into nature, away from the chores and routines of daily life. Truly there is nothing more peaceful than being at your Finca, watching the sunrise, and breathing in that fresh air. The quiet and peaceful calmness you will find is difficult to meet anywhere else in Panama. Put your hectic life on pause. Take a break from the television, put away your phone and live amongst the Panamanian wildlife in the beautiful surrounding nature. Enjoy eating outdoors and getting close to all the outdoor activities you enjoy.

There is so much peace in rural nature, and that’s exactly what you’ll find out here in Lago Gatun Fincas. Panama has its big city and tourist attractions, but to find the real Panamanian nature, Lago Gatun Fincas is the place to be.

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