Lago Gatun Fincas – F4

Due to a large amount of vegetation and the unique landscape, these properties will provide you with a true sense of Panamanian wildlife and an astonishing view. Despite being connected to the main road by a sideroad, these properties are mostly more distant from the main traffic and such than the other properties.

If you’re interested in a large-sized property with a lot of versatility to it, this might be your best bet. Of our F series properties, this one is located the closest to the water, whilst still directly being connected to the main path leading through the entirety of Gatun Beach. Considering the size, which is 12,818m2, it’s safe to say that space will never be an issue. You’ll have a vast property covered in vegetation, visited by wildlife once in a while whilst being able to enjoy a wonderful view upon the high hills and Gatun Lake.

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Lake view:





12.818 m2


August 2019


July 8, 2019


Lake Front > 100K